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Welcome to Church of Living Waters, affectionately called "The Waters." We are a dynamic, worship-oriented, Spirit-filled church located in Oxon Hill, Maryland, just a few minutes from National Harbor.  We seek to be an inclusive multi-ethnic institution, welcoming everyone through our doors, while seeking creative and compassionate ways to bring each person to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and to facilitate a process of restoration, hope, and empowerment in each life. We invite you to join us for a time of worship, ministry and fellowship.


 We seek to be inclusive, involved, and instrumental in bringing our community to the knowledge of Jesus Christ by clearly preaching and demonstrating the Gospel. 


To develop a global ministry center where believers are trained, ministries are birthed, communities are served, lives are transformed and Jesus Christ is glorified. 


 We believe in the inerrancy of the Word of God and subscribe to all of its precepts and principles. We preach Jesus Christ as the author of salvation and the ONLY path to a relationship with God. 


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Rev. Dr. Paul Carrette

Dr. Paul Carrette is the Senior Pastor at Church of Living Waters. He is the President of Kingdom Builders Global Ministries (KBGM) which facilitates his international outreach ministry. Pastor Paul is an award-winning author and has written two books; Raising Godly Children and God Always Wins.

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Pastor Eulita Carrette

Pastor Eulita Carrette is the wife of Dr. Paul Carrette and the Assistant Pastor at Church of Living Waters. Pastor Eulita is also the Director of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Mid Atlantic Conference Women's Ministries.

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Elder Keith Thomas

Elder Keith Thomas is a member of the Administrative Board at Church of Living Waters. He directs the Security department and oversees Building Maintenance.

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Pastor Keon Piper

Pastor Keon Piper is an Associate Pastor and member of the Administrative Board at Church of Living Waters. He oversees the Men's Ministry and is currently the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leader.

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Elder Daniel Burrell

Elder Daniel Burrell is the Senior Elder and a member of the  Administrative Board at Church of Living Waters. He is the Director of Pastoral Care and oversees the Seniors Ministry.

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Minister Debbie Mitchell

Min. Debbie Mitchell is a Senior Minister and a member of the Administrative Board at Church of Living Waters. She is the Director of local Outreach.

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